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Assembly Mobile

Keynote: 64k are actually enough for everybody (if you know what you are doing, and really like to suffer a bit) by urs / mercury (

Squeezing code and music, lots of geometry and shading, a story and (if possible) emotion into 64 kilobytes may seem like an impossible task when seen from the perspective of somebody who's never worked on size-constrained intros. On the other hand, building 16 4k-intros and tying them together into one executable seems entirely ridiculous. The reality of building a 64k is somewhere in between these two approaches, and shares some of the blessings and pains of both. This talk will give some insight and anecdotes from the messy internals of 64k production.

Time and location

Saturday 16:00 - 17:00 (1 h)
Scene Lounge